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Meet the band

Ga$oline are a 4 piece rock and indie covers band based in Milton Keynes.

Formed early in 2016 they worked hard to gather together a set list to entertain the masses. Over the numerous practice sessions and gigs they have become one of Milton Keynes best covers bands to date


Dave - Lead Guitarist

Dave has been playing guitar for over 20 years and has a wealth of experience to deliver the sound of the covers that the band plays.  As the band has no rhythm guitarist Dave has perfected the use of a looper pedal to record loops during songs in order add the extra depth some songs require

Rod - Vocalist

Rod is the lead singer of the band and has the charisma that is required to fulfil this important role.  Always prepared to sing any song that is thrown at him and he is not afraid of adding his own Ga$oline identity to the music

Seb - Drummer

Seb is the heart and sole of the group as he keeps us all in time, and who better to have as a drummer than a South American with rhythm.

Sam - Bass Guitarist

Sam is hands down the best bass guitarist that we know and were happy to have him on board with us.  Sam's wealth of experience and love of Muse means that he can play some awesome bass lines that most other bass players cant.

Book a gig with us for a night to remember...

Book a gig with us for a night to remember...

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